The American-Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce (AUCC) seeks to promote trade and investment ties, cultural exchanges and bonds of friendship between the United States of America and the Republic of Uzbekistan. In performing these functions, the AUCC places primary emphasis on serving the needs and interests of its members.

Interview with AUCC Chairperson Carolyn Lamm Before 2012 Uzbekistan-US Annual Business Forum

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Uzbekistan - a state located in the heart of Asia at the crossroads of the Ancient Silk Road. This is a region where East and West came together, where their cultures and religions mingled and created great scholars and thinkers. |read|


On August 31, 1991 the Republic of Uzbekistan proclaimed its independence and sovereignty. The country started to build an open democratic state with a market economy. |read|


The country is rich in mineral and natural resources. Uzbekistan is one of the leading countries of the world with reserves of copper, silver, gold, lead, zinc, tungsten, natural gas and other minerals. |read|


Currently in Uzbekistan there are 10 thermal stations and 28 hydroelectric plants, which annually produce up to 50 billion kWh of electricity and up to 10 million Gcal of thermal energy, which fully satisfies industrial and personal demand. Installed capacity of power plants in Uzbekistan exceeds 12. |read|


The banking and finance sectors, including the stock exchange and insurance market as well as auditing are developing fast. Currently Uzbekistan has a two-tier banking system based on the national currency, the soum, and consisting of the Central Bank and commercial banks. |read|


The government considers that joining the World Trade Organization (WTO) is of great importance and membership in WTO should become one of the steps towards integration into the world economic community. Consequently, it pursues a policy of foreign trade regime liberalization and adaptation to GATT/WTO standards and principles. |read|


Uzbekistan is a member of a number of international financial institutions, such as World Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Islamic Development Bank. In the framework of cooperation with these institutions Uzbekistan has implemented and is implementing some joint projects in both manufacturing sector and in improvement of social sector and living standard of the population. |read|


Special attention is paid to professional training. In 1997 the National Program of Personnel Training was adopted. |read|