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Uzbekistan plans to employ about 990K people in 2015

15 November 2014

Uzbekistan will take measures to create 261,600 jobs and employ 725,900 people in 2015, as provided by the program to create jobs and provide employment, approved by the Senate of the Oliy Majlis (Uzbek Parliament) Nov.13.

Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Aziz Abdukhakimov, who presented the draft program to the senators, said that in general, it is planned to employ 987.500 people in 2015. Special attention will be given to the employment of graduates of educational institutions, women, the disabled and other groups in need of social support.

"The purpose of the program is implementation of complex and interrelated measures for employment by harnessing the potential of areas and sectors of the economy, the rational use of labor resources, taking into account demographic factors," said the minister.

Forecast parameters to create jobs and provide employment for 2015 are aimed at improving the territorial structure of employment, providing the balance of demand and supply of labor on the labor market taking into account the development of areas, the service sector, diversified farms.

The program is designed to create the required number of jobs and provide employment to the population at the expense of the introduction of new facilities, modernization, upgrading and fuller utilization of existing production capacities, accelerated development of small businesses, capacity building of home-based forms of labor.

As a result of the implementation of regional programs to create jobs and employment in 2013 about 970,000 people were employed, more than 60.3 percent of which in the countryside. In 2014, it is planned to employ more than 975,000 people.