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Terms of Reference for Project Consulting

25 February 2015

Terms of reference for project consulting 

(technical supervision of the project)

Directorate for Construction of the Technical Rubber Products (Owner) has signed a contract to build a new plant at the special industrial zone "Angren" (Republic of Uzbekistan) on a turnkey basis, with the following annual production capacity:

* 3 million. pcs. passenger cars tires (20 sizes)

* 200 thousand. pcs. agricultural tires (2 sizes)

* 100 thousand. r/m. conveyor belts (textile cord and metal cord)

Owner in accordance with the terms of the contract provides attraction of the consulting company (consultant) to oversee the execution of the contract in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan from the stage of development and confirmation of project documentation to the completion of the acceptance and implementation of the plant.

Technical requirements for the Consulting Company (Consultant)

1. Consulting company (Consultant) protects the interests of the Owner in all phases of the project, to ensure the successful implementation of accepted obligations by the Contractor under turnkey contract. To review and approval of all drawings and layouts provided by the Contractor to the Owner in order to ensure effective implementation of the project.

2. To ensure that the plant has the appropriate expansion possibilities to ensure continued successful growth into the future.

3. To ensure that the selection of equipment is appropriate for the supply of OEM quality tyres to the eventual user, plus the traditional replacement market.

4. If needed monitor all dry testing of equipment at the Manufacturer's premises.

5. To monitor all installation and commissioning activities to ensure that the Technical and Output requirements are met.

6. To monitor all Wet Testing activities within the factory to ensure all equipment meets the Technical and Manufacturing standards required.
7. To review all testing and accreditation activities of the Contractor to ensure that DOT, JIS, ECE, and SASO standards and requirements of General Motors.
8. To liaise with the Contractor's Technical design group to ensure that the designs of tyres and belts conform to best practice within their relative industries.
9. To liaise with the technical team of the General Motors to ensure OEM validation and approval processing successful.10. To maintain all paperwork in a cohesive fashion in (where required) English, Russian and Chinese. Note that the language of Russian language is prevalent in the Contract.
11. To report regularly to the Owner on the project implementation in writing (monthly) in Russian language.

Main requirements to the Consulting Company (Consultant)
* Experience at least 7 years in the rubber industry, including the production of automobile tires;
* Provide the confirmation of the successful implementation, not less than 3 similar projects from the customers;
* Provide additional information on the availability of work experience at the option;
* Timeliness the information requested;
* Obligatory part of the consultant is to constantly maintain a high level of their professional knowledge and skills;
* Consultant is personally responsible for keeping confidential information relating to owner;
* Persistence in achieving goals.


For more information, please contact:


State company Uzkimyosanoat 

tel. +9987 11407402,2440731

fax. 99871 1407401,2440732

email dszrti@uks.uz  uzkimyosanoat@uks.uz



Deadline: April 15, 2015