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Uzbekistan goes to alternative energy

18 August 2015

The Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan approved a regulation on the national commission on energy efficiency and renewable energy development.

The document was adopted pursuant to the presidential decree "On the program of measures to reduce energy consumption, implement energy-saving technologies in the fields of economy and social sphere in 2015-2019" (May 2015). It envisages a cardinal reduction in energy intensity in the country’s national economy and the accelerated development of alternative energy sources.

According to the decree, published in the local media, the main objectives of the commission are to implement the measures to reduce the energy intensity of GDP, energy efficient technologies and systems in the fields of economy and social sphere.

The commission is charged with reducing the energy intensity of the output through modernization of existing and establishment of new production facilities on the basis of the energy-efficient and energy-saving technologies. It is also charged with working out and fulfilling of organizational and technical measures to conserve the fuel-energy resources and energy efficiency programs, holding of the energy audit of enterprises and organizations according to the international practice, accelerating of developing and using of renewable energy sources.

The commission aims to ensure interoperability of control bodies in the field of energy, mining, production, processing, storage, transportation and consumption of fuel, energy efficiency and its carriers.

Decisions of the commission made within its competence, are binding ones for bodies of state and economic management and organizations.

The resolution of the government made changes to the position on the ministry of economy - now the ministry is tasked with coordinating the activities of bodies of government and economic management in the field of energy efficiency, the introduction and development of renewable energy sources.

The demand for energy in Uzbekistan until the end of 2030 will increase by 25.5 percent compared to 2013 and will amount to 43.5 million metric tons of oil equivalent in case of maintaining the pace of GDP growth at 7.5 - 8.5 percent per year, according to official data.

Uzbekistan can achieve savings of resources in the amount of 6.85 million metric tons of oil equivalent by 2030 within the framework of measures to improve energy efficiency in the power sector, according to expert estimates. Overall energy savings in the next 15 years could reach 25 percent through energy efficiency program.