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Second Celtic Cooling system operational in Uzbekistan

15 July 2016

The second Celtic Cooling system for client Gold Dried Fruits has arrived in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. This 500 kW / -43 °C - IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) facility will be set up in their new production and storage centre for fruits and vegetables, the largest in Central Asia. Land transportation and installation will take several weeks.

The new storage facility for fruits and vegetables of Gold Dried Fruit was officially opened on 23 May. Celtic Cooling is contributing to the project of more than 10,000 m2. The opening was broadcast live on Uzbek television.

Gold Dried Fruits (GDF) cultivates its own fresh produce, processes those into dried fruits and vegetables and then markets them. To service the domestic market, GDF needed a logistics centre in one location. Moreover, Uzbek exporters can now also supply off-season. Celtic Cooling has provided, among other things:

  • 4,500 tonnes capacity of fruit / ULO (ultra-low oxygen) cells;
  • 700 tonnes capacity of cooling cells;
  • 1,600 tonnes capacity of vegetable storing cells;
  • 1 centrally located sorting area.

Within the facility, a decentralised lay-out was chosen, so that systems can take over each other’s tasks when there are technical malfunctions. Production capacity can also be adjusted to temporary lower demand. 

Celtic Cooling already sold three IQF systems to GDF. The first will be put into operation in two weeks. The second one will follow after the summer. Celtic Cooling is building a second facility for GDF in the southern city of Termez, where a third IQF system will be set up.