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Procedure for the Recognition of Certificates of Education Issued in Foreign Countries Approved

28 July 2019

The Government of Uzbekistan approved a regulation on the procedure for recognizing education certificates, issued in foreign countries.

In accordance with the Regulations, the recognition of documents on obtaining general secondary and secondary education in foreign countries is free of charge.

For the recognition of documents on the receipt of secondary special, professional, higher education, retraining and advanced training of personnel, a fee of 3 times the minimum wage is charged.

Recognition of documents produced without testing in the following cases:

-documents of applicants, who have received general secondary and secondary special, vocational education and on advanced training;

-documents of applicants, who have been trained in foreign educational institutions with subdivisions and joint educational institutions in Uzbekistan;

- documents of higher educational institutions, which occupy the first 1,000 positions in the international ranking among higher educational institutions;

-documents of applicants who have received education in the areas of ministries and departments;

-documents of applicants who entered the study in foreign educational institutions before 1 January 1992;

-documents of applicants who have received education in educational institutions accredited by full members of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education;

- documents of applicants who received education in educational institutions accredited in the USA, Australia, Israel, Canada, Singapore, South Korea, Japan;

-documents of applicants who have received education at the expense of funds allocated by the ministries and departments;

- documents on education in cases stipulated by international treaties, acts of the President and the Government.

For the recognition of documents, applicants apply through the Public Service Centers or the Unified interactive state services portal.

Applicants attach to the application form a document on education, its application and a notarized copy, translated into Uzbek.

For documents recognized on the basis of the test, test tests will be organized, and this will be announced on the website of the Inspectorate for Supervision of the Quality of Education in 10 days.

The test will consist of 50 questions, and documents from applicants who have scored 54 points or less will not be recognized.

From 1 September  2019, applications for recognition of documents on general secondary and secondary education received abroad are accepted only through the Centers for Public Services or the Single Portal of Interactive Public Services.