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Epsilon expands gas pipeline infrastructure in Uzbekistan

9 December 2019

The US Epsilon Development Company, together with Uzbekistan's Uzbekneftegaz oil and gas company, is expanding the gas pipeline infrastructure of Uzbekistan to ensure uninterrupted supply of the entire extracted volume to the population in the winter, Trend reports with reference to the company's message.

As of December 7, 31,700 tons of pipes were shipped, 20,000 tons were delivered, 57 km of trenches were dug, 72.1 km were welded and 15.5 km of pipes were laid.

Moreover, as of December 8, 32,500 tons of pipes were shipped, 20,000 tons were delivered, 57.9 km of trenches were dug, 80.9 km were welded and 31.1 km of pipes were laid.

The construction of three gas pipelines is ongoing: Nazarkuduk-Shurtanneftegaz (67 km); Tandircha-Shurtanneftegaz (45 km); Chigil-Mubarek Gas Processing Plant (110 km).

Laying speed on average is 4 km per day. Work is ongoing around the clock, the report said.

The main activities of Epsilon are prospecting, exploration, production and transportation of hydrocarbons and flare gas and oil; construction of industrial facilities; construction of transport communications.

One of the missions of the company in Uzbekistan is to develop and progress new and sustainable energy projects, which will serve as a catalyst for socio-economic development at both regional and national levels. In the framework of joint activities, Epsilon has already commenced large-scale exploration within the Kultak-Kamashi, Mubarak, Surkhan, Ashibulak, Koskudyk and West Fergana investment blocks.