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Interview with AUCC Chairperson Carolyn Lamm Before 2012 Uzbekistan-US Annual Business Forum

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EPSILON: Commissioning new gas pipeline and increasing production of hydrocarbons in cooperation with Uzbekneftegaz

26 December 2019

On December 26, following hydraulic fracturing, the total daily flow rate of Doya Khatun-16 and Doya Khatun-18 wells reached 200,000 m³ of gas.

The daily production rate of Doya Khatun-16 well increased from 60,000 to 100,000 m³ of gas.

The daily flow rate of Doya Khatun-18 increased from 50,000 to 100,000 m³ of gas.

On the same day, after successful pneumatic testing, the new 8-km-long "Talimarjon CP - Shurtanneftegaz" pipeline started transporting natural gas.

Round-the-clock construction of two gas pipelines continues: "CP Tandircha - Shurtanneftegaz" (45 km) and "Chigil CP - Mubarek GPP" (110 km).

Total for December 26:

  • 62,500 t of pipes shipped;
  • 37,500 t of pipes arrived;
  • 116.4 km of trenched dug;
  • 131.6 km of pipes welded;
  • 99.9 km laid.

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