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Coca-Cola's response to COVID-19 Pandemic in Uzbekistan

21 April 2020
Coca-Cola's response to COVID-19 Pandemic in Uzbekistan

From April and until further notice, Coca-Cola has put commercial advertising for all our brands on hold globally, including in Uzbekistan. Our focus at this time is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our associates and communities. To this end, The Coca-Cola Company, our bottling partners and The Coca-Cola Foundation are donating over 120 million Dollars to support COVID-19 relief efforts in the affected communities. Our immediate support is directed towards the provision of protective and medical equipment and beverages for health workers and the delivery of food supplies to vulnerable groups.

The Coca-Cola Foundation donated 0,000 to Uzbekistan through UNDP Uzbekistan. The proposed joint UNDP and Coca-Cola Project work implementation will support Uzbekistan's health system capacity in the face of COVID-19 outbreak. Urgently needed equipment will be procured by the UNDP Uzbekistan to ensure the best chance of survival for patients with the worst effects of the infection. This will contribute to establishing the country's surge capacity to deliver laboratory testing services and to provide care to the people who could get pneumonia as a worst-case scenario.  It is expected that the Coca Cola funding will make an input to sustaining the national and local public health capacity in long term perspective as Polymerase Chain Reaction, or PCR, is one of the most accurate laboratory methods for detecting, tracking, and studying not only coronavirus but also HIV's genetic material, Hepatitis C, B and some other viruses on early stage after the time of infection.

Together with our bottling partners "Coca-Cola Ichimligi O'zbekiston" we donated billboards for outdoor advertisement across the country to the Agency of Sanitary-Epidemiological Welfare under the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan and produced at our expense informative banners which will remind people of the essential steps for combatting the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with this, our partners "Coca-Cola Ichimligi O'zbekiston" distributed protection shields for the cashdesks for 100 food stores. As of today, by our bottling partner products produced by Coca-Cola were donated to construction workers who were involved in isolation hospitals construction through municipality administration and to medical staff through the Ministry of Health. 

We appreciate the efforts of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan on containing the spread of COVID-19 in the country and ensuring health and safety of the population during these difficult times. Despite a steep decline in sales, Coca-Cola is committed to do everything we can to maintain employment and support our customers and consumers in Uzbekistan.

Coca-Cola's activities in the country supported 33,500 jobs in 2019 and this number is growing every year, each direct workplace in our company created additional 21 jobs in other sectors of the Uzbek economy. The Coca-Cola system supported 8 million (0.4% of Uzbekistan's labor GDP) in incomes across the value chain of which million was paid in taxes. We therefore realize that our responsibility extends much further than just to our own employees. We wish Uzbekistan soonest recovery from COVID and will continue playing an active role in the fight against pandemic as a responsible corporate citizen.