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Uzbekistan exports 226,000 tonnes of fruits in 2011

4 July 2012

http://uzdaily.com  of 7/4/2012 - Uzbekistan exported 226,000 tonnes of fruits and 147,000 tonnes of grapes in 2011, local news agency UzA reported.

The report said that fruits, vegetables, melons and gourds, produced in Uzbekistan, are exported to Germany, India, the UAE, the USA, South Korea, Turkey and the CIS states.

Currently, Uzbekistan has 244,000 hectares of gardens and 127,000 hectares of vineyards.

In autumn 2011-spring 2012, farmers received 5 million saplings of fruits and grape trees. In the result, some 10,000 hectares of new fruit gardens were created.

Uzbekistan is also actively develops intensive gardens. Currently, there are 5,000 hectares of intensive gardens in Samarkand, Ferghana, Tashkent and other regions of Uzbekistan.

Some 400,000 saplings of fruit trees were imported to create intensive gardens in 2011. Some 900,000 saplings were produced from them and 400,000 of them were delivered to farmers. Another 500,000 saplings were prepared to autumn season. This year, 250,000 saplings were imported to create intensive gardens.

The report said that the works conducted in the sector in recent years helped to increase fruits production by 3.6 times and grape - by 2.3 times.