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Uzbek Customs Committee launches electronic goods declaration system

13 January 2013

http://uzdaily.com  of 1/9/2013 - From 1 January 2013, business entities of Uzbekistan received a right to choose to carry out customs clearance procedure of goods in electronic form.

In order to transfer to customs clearance of goods in electronic form, the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan a Regulation on the procedure, Norma.uz reported.

State Customs Committee of Uzbekistan was entrusted to introduce automated information system of electronic declaration of goods. The committee completed testing of the system in 2012.

The declaration of goods at customs clearance in electronic form consists of two stages.

At the first stage, the permission documents are issued by the authorized bodies in set terms. The regulation sets list of permission document and those bodies, which authorized to issue them.

At the second stage, specialists on customs clearance prepare cargo customs transportation in electronic form and corresponding documents.

Prepared documents will be signed with electronic digital signature of the specialist on custom clearance and directed to customs bodies, which will conduct customs clearance of the goods in electronic form.

The regulation said that electronic declarations should be stored as paper declarations. After accepting decision on customs clearance, customs officers send electronic notification on customs clearance, which will include information on time and place of customs clearance. Based on electronic declaration, customs inspection will be conducted in regular order.

In case of violations, customs bodies will adopt necessary measures in line with the legislation of Uzbekistan.