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Senate of Uzbekistan approve amendments to law on regulation of Parliament's Legislative Chamber

29 March 2013

en.trend.az of 3/29/2013 - The Uzbekistan Senate approved amendments to the law 'on regulation of the Legislative Chamber of the Republic of Uzbekistan', providing expansion of the role of factions of political parties at all stages of the legislative process.

It was noted during the discussions that the main tasks of the Legislative Chamber today include further democratisation of the legislative process, activating and enhancing the role and responsibility of political party factions in parliament for the legal provision of the reforms and consideration of interests of different groups and social layers.

Political parties must try to implement their statutory and program goals and objectives more actively and defend the interests of the electorate through the adoption and implementation of legislation, using mechanisms of parliamentary control.

According to the innovations, the bills in the future will be considered not only by the responsible committee, but also by all party factions. The relevant committee doesn't have the right to make a decision on the bill without the opinions of the party factions.

Moreover a representative of the committee should inform members of the chamber about the views of different factions while considering the bills at meetings of the legislative chamber.

New amendments envisage more democracy and a transparent mechanism of distributing received drafts empowering the Kengash of the legislative chamber to appoint in a collegial way a committee responsible for their preliminary consideration.

It is expected that the law will increase both the professional activity of MPs and the role of the political party factions and MP groups in preparation of bills and other regulations having a positive impact on the quality of adopted documents and further democratisation of the legislative process.

In accordance with the established procedures, the bill approved by the Senate is directed to the president for confirmation