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LUKOIL Uzbekistan started to implement a project “Early gas at Kandym”

1 November 2013

LUKOIL Uzbekistan started to implement a project “Early gas at Kandym”. In the primary stage of exploitation of fields, it is planned to mine and supply 2.2 billion cubic meters of gas a year to Mubarek gas processing plant, the company’s press service said.

LUKOIL Uzbekistan said it started to implement the project “Early gas at Kandym Groups of fields and construction of northern part of Shady field”.

The project is implemented in line with the presidential resolution “On additional measures on complex construction of Kandym Groups of fields within the realization of product sharing agreement” and on the bases of the agreement on product sharing with Uzbekistan.

The project concept envisages gas production at Kuchachi-Alat field and preliminary preparation of gas at facility on preliminary gas processing Kuvachi; transport gas via pipeline with the length of 60km to the facility on preliminary gas processing Northern Shady, mine and preliminary prepare gas, received from Northern Shady field to facility on preliminary gas processing Northern Shady; transport gas from facility on preliminary gas processing Northern Shady to connection of gas pipeline Dengizkul-Mubarek gas processing plant and further to Dengizkul booster compression station.

Within he first stage of the project, it is planned to construct 12 wells at Kuvachi-Alat field, nine wells at Northern Shady field, construct gas pipeline with the length of 130 km, construction of two facilities on preliminary gas preparation, construction of 170 km road, reconstruction of 20 km road from Northern Shady to Dengizkul booster compression station, construction of 150 km of power supply lines, construction of power substation at Kuvachi-Alat field, construction of 13 bridges and passes over existing channels, etc.

All construction works will be conducted in line with the legislation of Uzbekistan, including legislation on protection of ecology and nature protection.

LUKOIL Uzbekistan said that it will use modern materials and equipment at construction process. The project will allow to fully use existing capacities of Mubarak gas processing plant. Construction of roads, bridges and passes will improve transport infrastructure of Karakul and Alat districts of Bukhara region.

In the second quarter of the project, which will be launched in the second half of 2014, it is planned to construct booster compression station at Kuvachi-Alat and Northern Shady to ensure technical requirements on pressure and transportation of gas. It is also planned to launch additional capacities at the fields, including to drill new wells and their construction.