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Summary of key tax amendments for 2014

11 January 2014

January 11, 2014


Presidential decree On Projections for Main Macroeconomic Indicators and Parameters of the State Budget of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2014 year issued on December 25, 2013 sets the scene for amendments to key existing tax as well as new obligatory payments to be introduced in Uzbekistan effective from 1 January 2014. Withholding tax rates applicable to non-residents shall remain unaffected. Below we highlight the main changes that we consider are of relevance to your business.



  • Profit Tax for legal entities lowered from 9% to 8%.
  • The lowest tax scale on Personal Income Tax (up to five Minimum Monthly Wages) reduced from 8% to 7.5%.
  • Excise tax levied on customs value of new vehicles manufactured in and imported from Russia and Ukraine reduced from 5% to 2%.


  • Obligatory insurance premium deductible from personal to non-budget Pension Fund rose from 6% to 6.5%.
  • Excise tax rates applicable to selected home-made product items, i.e average excise tax increase on alcoholic products including beer represents 17%, cigarettes - by almost 30% and vegetable (cottonseed) oil - by 10%. Also, excise tax levied on customs value of imported malted beer rose from 70% to 100%.
  • Tax for using (consuming) water resources will rise by 20%.
  • Property tax to be paid by legal entities will go up to 4% from 3.5%.
  • Property tax to be paid by private individuals will grow by 14.5% on average.
  • Land tax applicable to legal entities and private individuals will be increased by 20%.
  • Tax on consumption of petrol and diesel fuels for vehicles will grow from 240 to 265 soums per litre, condensed gas - from 165 to 180 soums per litre, and compressed gas - from 200 to 220 soums per cubic metro.
  • Charge for using a mobile number imposed on legal entities by mobile communication operators (cellular companies) will increase from 500 to 600 soums a month.


  • Excise tax will be imposed on imported motor-scooters at 10% of customs value.
  • A territory zoning system has been changed in Tashkent. Now there are 5 zones instead of 14. Now land tax imposed on legal entities for 1 hectare of land plot shall equal to 1 mln. soums for zone 5, and 75 mln. soums for zone 1. Tax from natural persons for the land provided for individual housing construction shall amount starting from 170 soums per 1 sq.m for zone 5 and till 430 soums for zone 1.
  • A minimum duty of 3% to be imposed on purchase of every vehicle manufactured in Uzbekistan, Russia and Ukraine from April 1, 2014.
  • Minimum rent fees (for taxation purposes) for 1 sq.m. area of non-residential premises, to be let on lease by natural persons have been established as follow:

- 6000 soums per month for Tashkent city;

- 4000 soums per month for Nukus city;

- 2000 soums per month for other communities.


  • Minimum rent fees (for taxation purposes) for vehicles, to be let on lease by natural persons have been established as follow (for one vehicle per month):

- 220 000 soums for cars;

- 430 000 soums for minibuses, buses and trucks.

  • Annual obligatory re-evaluation of main assets are canceled for microfirms and small enterprises, and now it shall be carried out once in three year.